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 Post subject: Europe under German Occupation
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This map shows the new German Empire, as in your opinion. We see the central position of Germany before the various satellites, or those who are, as you say very well, in 'voluntary servitude'.
What does represents this map for you?

I wish it helps to be aware of the fact that Europe has changed in nature and it evokes not only the present but also a potential very near future. The maps generally provided by the European Community are maps that claim equality but no longer speak of reality. Here is a sort of first attempt of visual organization of the new reality of Europe. It helps to realize the centrality of Germany and the way she holds the European continent. The first thing is trying to say this map, is that there is a larger, than Germany itself, informal space, "German direct space", which contains countries whose economies dependence to Germany is almost absolute.

Some will perhaps see "mistakes" such as, for example, the integration of Switzerland, which is not even in the European institutions. But whatever the feelings of the Swiss, the objective reality is that, when dealing with major Swiss companies, one feels the German presence. The level of interpenetration is such that economically we can not speak of Swiss independence.

The Netherlands, meanwhile, as predicted by Friedrich List, are nothing more than the opening of Germany on the Rhine. Czechoslovakia, the day she decided to sell Skoda Volkswagen, sealed its fate. With this densely populated central area, Germany has a much higher than that of its 82 million influence.

The zone of approximately 130 million people ...

Indeed. But this space is not the only reason for the German influence. I think Germany would have never been able to take control of the continent without the cooperation of France. This is another element represented by this map: voluntary servitude of France and its economic system and, within this framework, the acceptance by the French elites that may be for them - but not for the French people - the gilded prison of the euro. French banks survive somehow in this gilded cage. France adds its 65 million inhabitants to live in the German space and thus gives it a sort of critical mass of continental scale.

Nearly 200 million ...

This means that we are already above the Russian or Japanese scale. This black and grey block represents the heart of German power; it maintains the submission of southern Europe, now dominated even within the European system area. Germany is hated in Italy, Greece, and probably throughout southern Europe, for its fiscal iron hand. But these countries can do nothing, because Germany, with its near space over France, has the ability to dominate everything. These countries are shown in orange on the map.

I propose another specific category of countries, in red, that I called the "anti-Russian satellites." Paradoxically, these countries have a certain degree of freedom. They are in the area of ​​German sovereignty, but I would not characterize their status of servitude, because they have real self aspirations including their anti-Russian passion.

Look, France no longer has a dream; under the leadership of the PS, UMP and its finance inspectors, she longs to obey, imitate and collect their pay. Poland, Sweden, the Baltic countries, they have a dream to have Russia skin. Their voluntary space with German domination and participation allows them to believe it. But I wonder if, further, Sweden, turn to the right, will not fully become what it was before 1914, that is to say Germanophile.

The anti-Russian satellites deserve a special category because they are part of the forces that can help Germany to behave badly. The French elites, for their part, have helped Germany to behave badly by defying and refusing to criticize. The French surrender will appear to future historians as a fundamental contribution to psychic imbalance coming from Germany.

For Sweden or Poland or the other Baltic countries, it is something else. There they will openly and directly restore Germany's violence in international relations.

I have not placed Finland and Denmark in this category. In contrast to Sweden, Denmark is authentically of liberal temperament. Its relationship with England goes beyond mere typical Scandinavian bilingualism for a good part of the population. It looks to the West and is not obsessed with Russia. Finland had, in turn, learned to live with the Soviets, and it has no real reason to doubt the possibility of getting along with the Russians. Certainly, it was at war with them. She belonged to the Empire of the Tsars between 1809 and 1917, but as a Grand Duchy, a situation that has, in fact, allowed to escape the Swedish control. The real colonial power, for the Finns, is Sweden, and I doubt they really want to come back under Swedish leadership. On the map, Finland and Denmark are found so dominated, like the South. Absurd? The Finnish economy is already paying the price of European aggression against Russia and Denmark will be challenged by the English escape.

The United Kingdom, I described as the "ongoing escape", because the English can not join a continental system that fills them with horror. Because they have not, as some French, accustomed to obey the Germans. But also because they belong to another world, far more exciting, and less authoritarian than the old German Europe "Anglo sphere": America, Canada, the former colonies ... I have had the opportunity to say that I sympathize with their dilemma, how horrible it must be for the British to face an important trade in Europe but mentally arthritic.

Do you think that one day they will leave the European Union?

Of course! The English are not stronger or better, but they have behind the United States. Already in my case, a small French faced the loss of autonomy of my nation, if I have a choice between German hegemony and American hegemony, I choose American hegemony without hesitation. So the English, what do you think they'll choose?

I associated Hungary to the British in their attempt to escape. Viktor Orban has a bad reputation in Europe. Because supposedly authoritarian and hard right. Maybe. But because it is resisting to German pressure. One may wonder why Hungary is not anti-Russian, when it suffered a violent Soviet suppression in 1956. As is often the "despite" should probably be replaced by a "because". In 1956, only Hungary resisted. More than the Poles or the Czechs - who then have resisted little or no at all - Hungary can be proud of its history under Russian domination. She can forgive. A beautiful Hungarian joke 1970s may help explain the differences i eastern Europe, " In 1956, Hungarians behaved like Poles, Czechs and Poles as Czechs like pigs. "

I represented the Ukraine as "ongoing annexation."

Ukraine is not immediately apparent as the annexation-European dream. This is the annexation of an area in a state of industrial decay, and the decay will be accelerated by the free trade agreements with the European Union. But in reality is also the annexation of a population of a very low cost.

But fundamentally, the new system is based on the German annexation of the working population. At first they were used by Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, etc. The Germans have reorganized their industrial system by using their cheap labour. The population of Ukraine of is 45 million inhabitants, with its high level of education inherited from the Soviet era, is an exceptional decision for Germany, the possibility of a dominant Germany for a very long time, and most importantly, with its empire from immediately effective economic power over the United States. Poor Brzezinski!

And the level of energy issues?


Here, the main gas pipelines are set to despel a myth. The myth that the Russians, by the construction of the South Stream pipeline would only escape the control of their energy relations with Ukraine. If you look at all the paths of existing pipelines, their only common point is not passing through Ukraine, but also that they all arrive in Germany. In fact, the real problem for the Russians, is not only Ukraine, but also the control of the arrival of pipelines by Germany. And this is also the problem of southern Europeans.

If we stop thinking of Europe as naively egalitarian system would have problems with the Russian bear, we see that Germany may also have has interest in the South Stream gas pipeline not to be built, because that way it would get out of control the energy supplies to all of European countries that dominates. The strategic importance of the South Stream is not just an issue between East and West, between Ukraine and Russia, but it is also an issue between Germany and South Europe that is dominated by her .

But, again, this map is not a definitive map; it is a map whose purpose is to create an early picture of the reality of Europe and get us out of the ideology of neutral maps that hide what Europe is becoming: a system of unequal nations, taken in a hierarchy that includes countries severely dominated, by an aggressive country, one dominant and a country that is the shame of the continent, ours, France.

You did not mention the Turkish question ...

If I have not mentioned is that this is no longer the issue. The Europeans do not want Turkey. But what is more important is that Turkey doesn't want to join Europe too.

Who would like to join now and go into this prison of nations?

An interview with Emmanuel Todd who is a French historian and sociologist. Todd has never been a prisoner of ideology, and is an author of numerous books and articles. ...

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The RWF will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.


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